Frans Muys van de Moer

Frans Muys van de Moer                                                                              17-2-1959  

Bass and Double Bass 

Frans started to play Spanish guitar at the age of 10.  Aged 14 he began playing electric guitar. Two years later he switched to bass guitar and performed in his first school band.

When studying electronics at the Technical High School, he often played with students of the Conservatory, which gave him the idea to audition for the Conservatory in Zwolle. After being accepted, he studied bass guitar and double bass.

The career of Frans includes a broad range of activities. From international tours with a youth Symphony Orchestra to small Jazz combo’s and Big Bands. Recordings with double bass, bowed and bass guitar.

In 1989 Frans was recommended by his Conservatory teacher to Rick van der Linden (Ekseption,Trace) to work with him on a project called “Cum Laude”. From 1989 until 1993 he was the bass player of Ekseption.                                                                    

This period included TV performances in the Netherlands and Germany and a tour in Germany where a live CD was recorded.



Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius, Jeff Berlin. Ekseption, ELP, Lenny White, Jan luc Ponty, Gong, Jeff Beck, Alan Holdsworth,                 

Bill Bruford, Joni Mitchell, Gentle Giant, Jack Bruce, Genesis, Todd Rundgren, Steely Dan, Trace, Yes. 



1962 Fender Precision bass,  1962 Fender Jazz bass, 

1958 Fender Precision converted fretless bass,                                                                                                                                                                                 Gijs de Wit 5 string bass, Gijs de Wit 6 string bass,

Ampeg SVTII pro bass head                                                                                                                            

Hartke XL 2 pcs 4*10 inch and tweeter unit



Ekseption Live in Germany

Ekseption '89