Jack Langevelt

Jack Langevelt                                                                                                    5-8-1954  

Keyboards and Composer

Jack never intended to have a musical career. He was too busy with Sports (running and ice skating) and loved only classical music. But in 1969, after hearing Air by Dutch Group “Ekseption”, he couldn’t resist anymore and fell in love with the music of Rick van der Linden.

Soon he started his first band “Purple Ungrace”, but as a drummer. In 1971, during his studies at the Rotterdam School of Arts,

he formed his second band “Change” (still on drums). With this band he played experimental, jazzy and gospel-like music. 

After the introduction of keyboards in this group the music developed in a more Symphonic Rock style.

In 1980 (after buying his first organ) he finally switched to playing keyboards in Symphonic Rock and formed his own group “Survival”. With this group he developed his ideas in his own compositions which were a synthesis of classical, rock & pop music.

After creating his own Recording Studio (BJT STUDIO'S), he composed, recorded and produced 3 Symphonic Rock albums: 

The Final Chapter, Crusader and Con Brio


Hammond L122 Organ, GSi B3/C3 Organ 1.4, Korg TR 88, SM Pro Audio V-Machines, 

Arturia Mini Moog & ARP 2600, Redtron 400 & Sampletron (Mellotrons), 

Behringer Ultratone K3000FX Keyboard Amplifier,  GSi Burn Rotary Simulator


Rick van der Linden, Keith Emerson, Jon Lord, Rick Wakeman, Ekseption, Trace, ELP, UK, Argent, The Nice, Triumvirat, Supersister, Camel, Procol Harum, Fields, Adrian Snell, Abba, J.S. Bach, F. Chopin, W.A. Mozart

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