Nigel Foss

Nigel Foss                                                                                                           10-03-1997                                                                                         

Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Nigel started to gain intrest in music after seeing the movie ''The School of Rock'' at the age of 10 and wanted to play drums.

His parents didnt like the idea of having a noisey drumkit in the house so they said no.. he however then grew intrest towards guitars and he got one from his dad on the condition that he took guitar lessons.

When he started out he was really fond of 80's rock and especially Guns 'n Roses but while he got older he started to listen to a lot more music dating many years back around the 60's-70's but also 90's Grunge music. He spent most his time playing guitar , listening to music and experimenting with diffrent styles and diffrent instruments like drums and piano.


Deep Purple , Rainbow , The Beatles , Jeff Beck , Alice in Chains , Stone Temple Pilots , Guns n' Roses , Queens of the Stone Age,

The Doors , Led Zeppelin , Cream , Stevie Ray Vaughan , Danny Gatton , CCR , Eric Johnson, The Eagles, John Lennon


Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 50w Head,

4x12' Marshall cab (build by some german guy somewhere back in the 80's),

Vox Wah pedal

Squier Strat 86'

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