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  Mangrove & Survival, December 14, 2014 - 't Blok, Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel (NL) 


Probably most of our readers aren't familiar with keyboard player Jack Langevelt and his band Survival, so an introduction is in place! Langevelt founded his band in 1981; he was above all inspired by bands like Trace, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Ekseption, The Nice, Procol Harum and Deep Purple.

The band existed from 1981 until 1997 although Jack continued to make music under the name of Survival. In 2008 he released Crusader, the first official album of the band on which many of his influences could be noticed.

At venue 't Blok, a new line-up entered the stage to warm up the audience for the headliners. During their one-hour performance they managed to entertain me throughout, although the start of this second gig since the comeback didn't meet Langevelt's expectations. The intro to one of his compositions was recorded on tape and unfortunately, it started too early. The sound technician probably thought that this intro should be used as the opening for the concert instead of one of the songs. However, it left Langevelt untouched since he was determined to make this concert work, no matter what would happen. He faced bad luck earlier when the band's former lead singer and drummer had let him down just two weeks before a performance.

Nowadays, the band is fronted by the excellent singer Linda Maarseveen, who usually sings in blues and jazz bands. Behind the drums I saw a rather familiar face, namely drummer Frank van Essen (Iona), who was willing to help

the band during the gigs that were already booked. Although he didn't practise with the band he did a splendid job! Bassist Frans Muys van de Moer, who formerly was a member of the Dutch band Ekseption, turned out to be an excellent player on the fretless bass. Finally the UK born guitarist David Dexter; while listening to his playing I couldn't help comparing his style of playing to Ritchie Blackmore's  (ex-Deep Purple). Next to Langevelt he provided all the excellent solos on stage. Throughout the concert it became clear that all the above-mentioned influences were incorporated in the songs. Somebody in the audience said 'this gig is a trip down memory lane with all those music from the seventies', and I can only confirm it, but I loved it anyway! Unfortunately Survival had to skip the title track of the album Crusader from the set list. Otherwise the concert would have taken too long, because Mangrove was still waiting to perform. But even without this excellent song their performance was certainly worthwhile to watch and to listen to!

Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)
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 Review Survival @ 't Blok 14-12-2014 by Hans Ravensbergen

Zondagmiddag 14 december 2014 ben ik met tientallen andere liefhebbers getuige geweest van een feestelijke middag bij Progfrog met uitstekende muziek van Mangrove en Survival. Over Mangrove is, o.a. door ondergetekende, al veel gesproken én geschreven. Goede wijn behoeft dan ook nu geen krans. Waarvan akte.

De Rotterdamse groep Survival is minstens zo goede wijn. Wijn die door de liefhebbers van authentieke symfonische rock in het straatje van The Nice, Trace, Ekseption en ELP met vleugjes Deep Purple gedronken moet worden. Met teugen! De groep met oude rotten Jack Langevelt op toetsen en basgitarist Frans Muys van de Moer (Ekseption), de Engelse dertiger en gitarist Dave Dexter, zangeres Linda Maarseveen en inval-drummer Frank van Essen (Iona) brachten in een stevig uur de jaren zeventig terug naar de 21ste eeuw. En hoe. Het mocht soms wat onwennig ogen, Survival maakte duidelijk dat de band veel in haar mars heeft. Nummers van het instrumentale album Crusader werden afgewisseld met nummers van het meer vocale Con Brio. Allemaal soepel aan elkaar gepraat en met elkaar verbonden door Linda Maarseveen. Maar wat een stem heeft deze zangeres, die haar brood verdient in andere genres. Als kers op de taart speelde de band het complexe en lange nummer Montgisard. Helaas ontbrak de tijd voor een toegift, waardoor het optreden onbedoeld nogal abrupt eindigde.

Als de voortekenen niet bedriegen gaan we in 2015 meer horen van Survival.

Hans Ravensbergen (Photo Hans Korbee)

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Survival live @ 't Blok